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Taekwondo Olympic Style Training


Every class begins with warmups and stretching to prepare the body for dynamic and challenging exercises. All age groups benefit from exercises that emphasize agility, strength and power. These elements are demonstrated as Taekwondo techniques for kicking, punching, jumping, blocking, self-defense. Students discover their abilities and potential through continuous practice, sparring and demonstrating forms.  As student knowledge grows, so does confidence that inspires growth of self-image. 


Students develop proficiency of basic skills into crisp, dynamic and automatic combinations of p Taekwondo kicks, forms, breaking and development of mental focus. Exercises and endurance are more intensive with emphasis on strategies for competition, self-defense and further self-discovery. Even stronger emphasis placed on the importance of character, courtesy, perseverance, and self-control,


Adults and seniors practice according to their ability, and motivation to participate in basic exercises such as stretching, walking, jogging, jumping. Taekwondo emphasizes body conditioning to use hands for striking, legs for kicking and fists for punching. These movements are demonstrated and taught so that all students discover and benefit from Taekwondo mental and physical curriculum. Taekwondo practice can improve physical well being and alertness.

Queen Creek Library Recreation Center is a modern facility and offers convenience to area residents. Class times, days, and prices at: 
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